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Different Aspects on how to Unblock Websites


It is unfortunate that for most people, what comes to mind when the word ‘proxy server’ or ‘proxy website’ is mentioned, it is associated with delinquent behavior of children using unblocked Facebook proxy and unblock Twitter proxy to go around the school systems’ websites. However, that is not all that proxy servers do, including the unblocked proxy US services websites.

If you are an administrator of a large network or run an e-commerce business you need to appreciate the need to have a proxy server between your network and the public Internet. Why, you might ask?


The proxy server provides anonymity and subsequently safety for your network. When a request is sent from one of your internal users to a specific webpage, the proxy server conceals that specific IP address, presenting its own instead to the said web page. Apart from the immediate anonymity, it ensures that your network information cannot be gathered by hackers because it simply is not there.

Proxy servers are also very good at filtering malware from the Web. Good proxy servers provide encryption of information exchanges between your network and the proxy server which will protect your network from malware from third parties.


Proxy servers are able to store copies of frequently downloaded pages in their hard drives, in cache; so that they are accessible faster than if they had to be downloaded afresh all the time. It gets even better; the proxy server can monitor the page to see if there are any changes and update the cached copies. This will improve your network’s speed tremendously.


Yes, proxy servers can be used to enforce company policies regarding certain web content being accessed at work. You only need to set up firewalls that block certain dangerous sites that could endanger your network or simply affect productivity.


Proxy servers make searches very easy by narrowing down search results to content that is most relevant to the user based on their location. This is best done when you have access to various international proxy servers that can come in handy for the jet-setting corporate.

It is important to note that there are different kinds of proxy servers that meet different needs. There are several unblocked proxy US servers that provide unblocked Facebook proxy and unblock Twitter proxy, and then there are other proxy servers that offer the same services but towards a different end.

So don’t write off all proxy servers simply because the unblocked Facebook proxy and the unblock Twitter proxy servers do not meet your needs. As you have seen here, proxy servers are more than necessary for you to protect your network from hackers and other forms of malware as well as protect your information, especially if you are in the e-commerce industry.

There are several free proxy servers that you can access for frequent one-time usage in your network. However, for a large network, it is always advisable to get subscribe to a proxy server or choose one that you will be using regularly so that you can have regular, quality service for your business or network.

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