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What You Need to Know About Elite and Free Proxies

One of the most common methods you’ll see around on websites today for anyone who wants to be anonymous is the use of a proxy server. Things don’t get easier from here as you quickly discover that there are many different terms and descriptions given to all the available proxies. You might see the phrase elite proxy, web proxy, anonymous proxy, exclusive proxy and maybe some more. What do these terms all means and how do they have any impact on staying anonymous online? To be anonymous online, you need to be able to change your IP and make sure that other people don’t know that you changed it. This is the main area that many proxy servers fail in as they are either not anonymous or don’t hide the fact that you are surfing the internet via a proxy. Elite proxies that you setup yourself are the only way to make sure you are truly anonymous and safe.

What is with all the different kinds of proxies available today? Even though there are a wide variety of proxies, they can be separated into two groups. The first group of proxies are ones that aren’t anonymous or don’t hide that you have changed your IP and are currently using a proxy. These kinds of proxies are not considered 100% anonymous. Why is this? Well, the first group are not anonymous at all and the IP you will use online will be that of your home computer, even after you connect through the proxy. This means that nothing has changed and the world can still see your original IP. The second group are not completely anonymous because being anonymous means that you blend in with the rest of the crowd. The crowd here are other web surfers and their IPs online. If someone can see your IP originates from a proxy, how can this be considered anonymous? Obviously it isn’t and this is why many people never obtain true anonymity online because they use second rate proxy servers that do not do the job properly.

The second group of proxies are ones that are called elite proxies. These elite proxies are the ONLY surefire way that you can be sure that your identity and IP are safe on the internet. All other proxies available that are not elite proxies are not completely secure. Elite proxies are called elite proxies because they are completely anonymous. Even if someone like a webmaster takes the time to examine your IP, they won’t have any clue or even a slight hint that you are using a proxy server. Obviously this is what you want if you are looking to be anonymous online and only elite proxies can deliver such a high level of anonymity as this. Not only do they offer the best anonymity but also the best proxy experience. Elite proxies are the fastest and most reliable proxies around. Their speed is comparable to surfing the internet via your home computer that uses a cable modem to connect to the internet. They are super fast and super anonymous.

If you want to be invisible online, take a look at what an elite proxy can do for you. You’ll get the highest level of anonymity possible from a proxy server and it will make surfing the internet a painless experience thanks to how fast they are. People who spend their time looking for free proxies that are anonymous are just wasting precious time. Do it properly and setup your own elite proxy to get the best anonymous proxy experience that anyone can.

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