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Different Aspects on how to Unblock Websites

What are the Ways to Unblock Websites?

Using the Internet and browsing in an unlimited way may be easy if it is on your own personal computer and especially at the comfort of your home. What if you are at the library, school, Internet cafes or office and there are some sites which has been blocked. Moreover you want to search for important information from these sites but you are prevented from doing it. There are ways to unblock websites and here some of it.


There is a way to unblock websites by using web proxies which allows you to access through a proxy server. This acts a medium between you and the server for the data to be sent. Among those you could use are Proxy.com and KProxy.com. Other than that, you could also type the IP (Internet Protocol) addresses on the URL space. For example the normal website you go to could be translated into 99.223.456.12. However, this could only works as far as you know the IP addresses for the websites and that the software does not detect it. There is another method of typing the normal URL of http to https. It will ensure that the secured sites will appear. By using a service called Internet Archive, it could also let you open and view the sites which have been blocked. There are more ways and methods to use. You could get more details from the Internet. Some of these that are listed here may not workable for all sites. It will depend on how and what you are using it for.


In the process to unblock websites, it is highly advisable that it is done for the right purposes. There are certain places denying access to some sites as it is not good for viewing. If the computer is not yours, it is only better to respect the privacies and protocol set.

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