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Unblock Websites like Netflix, Hulu & Other Many other Restricted sites

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This blog article recommends a software service to unblock websites for genuine customers of entertainment services like Netflix,Hulu, Pandora etc. This dns proxy service is very useful when travelling across places where there is country restrictions. This service provides a US based location while travelling around the world to paid subscribers  of this service.

Internet has first of all created a world of new dimension to Entertainment and Services. It has become such a huge digital market which has opened the doors of data transformation to never before seen heights. With increase in internet usage the restrictions have started to increase from countries mainly due to state policy to block websites. There is also the problem of data theft. To overcome these problems VPN was started to be increasingly used by internet world to unblock websites and watch restricted content as well as have data transfer secure.

There are few good VPN Services to unblock websites like

  • HideMyAss.
  • Cyberghost.

VPN was most of all very useful for data transfer due to its secure nature as well as for overcoming location restrictions by its capability to unblock websites across worldwide, but was hopeless for entertainment purposes due to a very huge loss of bandwidth speed.  Speed was necessary for for watching movies and videos online.

The problem with VPN was that the original ISP bandwidth was almost reduced to more than 50% of the original speed and hence it was not feasible to watch movies and Videos. Also lately many of these VPN services have been blocked by entertainment websites like Hulu.

Unblock Websites

So it was very important to have a service which helped to have data secure when needed as well as speed when watching entertainment videos and movies. The service should also have no location restrictions as well as have competitive pricing to the existing VPN Services. As the proverb says ” Necessity is the mother of all Inventions” This necessity has consequently created a wonderful service called Smart DNS Proxy.


How To Get American Netflix? (US Netflix)

This service provides  a solution for both necessities :

  • Use VPN for Data security.
  • Use DNS Proxy with almost negligible ISP bandwidth loss to unblock websites and watch movies and videos from Sites like Hulu , Netlfix, Youtube, Pandora and many more.

The other beneficial positive about this service is that they provide 14 days free trial for anyone to use their service. You just need to have a valid email ID to register for this absolutely free offer.

I am from India and have been using their dns proxy service from last 12 months. Especially very happy with the quality  and the consistency of the service. I have a 4 mbps speed bandwidth and as a result I am able to unblock webistes like Pandora , watch hulu and Netflix. I can watch these websites with around 3.5 mbps speed. Earlier when using VPN I normally used to get only around 1.5 to 2 mbps speed. We can clearly visualize the huge Difference in speed.

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Smart DNS Proxy

  • 200 + services supported.
  • Unblock websites & digital media with the fastest way.
  • Works with any internet capable device.
  • Furthermore Unlimited Device Access.


Smart VPN

  • Access to Encryption and in addition secure your internet traffic.
  • PPTP , L2TP & OpenVPN support.
  • Access to all Smart DNS Proxy services while connected to any Smart VPN Server.
  • Download Torrents.
  • Unlimited Device Access.


  • Access to  Encryption and in addition secure all your internet traffic.
  • PPTP , L2TP , SSTP & OpenVPN.
  • Stream Media from the country of VPN Server you are connected.
  • Download Torrents.
  • Unlimited Device Access.
  • Furthermore 5 Simultaneous VPN Connections.

In conclusion try out Smart Dns Proxy and unblock websites to enjoy the freedom of watch Hulu , Hulu Plus , Netflix ,Pandora , YouTube and many more sites.




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