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A SSL Web Proxy Can Give You Privacy

A SSL Web Proxy Can Give You Privacy And Access To Blocked Websites!

One of the side effects of the way the internet has developed since the turn of the century is the ability of internet providers and online businesses to track where each person goes. That is why if you look at prom dresses, as you go to other sites you will see ads for prom dresses. This is not a coincidence – the advertisers know where you were, and they are showing you what they think you want to see.

One of the other issues is the fact that some systems are locked down as far as allowing which websites you go to. This is understandable, but it can be irritating and counterproductive. It usually occurs in larger organizations such as schools, businesses and organizations like that and is a way to protect themselves, but it can be highly irritating and counterproductive.

An SSL Web Proxy can help with both problems. It can hide your identity so that advertisers and internet suppliers cannot follow you wherever you go, and an SSL web proxy can allow you to operate outside blocked sites.

SSL Web Proxy

A SSL Unblock Site routine works like this – if you are at a computer which has blocks on it, you log into your SSL web proxy. These sites are almost never blocked in controlled access environments, and once you are logged onto them they act like a cloud server – where you go from the web proxy originates from there. This is an easy, quick fix for systems which will not allow you to access websites that you need!

The other important function of an SSL web proxy is privacy – in the same way that it allows you to step outside of the controlled area in the above example, when businesses and other web entities try to track you they will not see you – they see only the proxy. This protects you from the normal tracking strategies completely.

Unblockit.cc is one of the best SSL Proxy Websites available, and offers free SSL Web Proxy’s. They also offer Facebook proxies, which allow control of your Facebook account from different ISP’s. This is especially handy if you travel a lot; Facebook can and will lock you out if it detects that the commands are originating from a ‘strange’ ISP. A Facebook Proxy by unblockit.cc makes that one worry you won’t have.

Unblockit.cc also has a proxy tester and proxy list, and for lots of information on this technology and lots of other information that you can check out the unblockit.cc blog!

Your privacy is more important now than ever because it is easier to see everywhere you go on the online world, and to sometimes block you from going there. That is not necessarily bad, but it is important for you to understand that you can opt out of these technologies.

You just have to be aware that businesses and providers can track you and limit access – if you choose to let them. Unblockit.cc wants to give you the power to decide.

To find the best of the SSL Proxy Websites and
SSL Unblock Site try unblockit.cc! Protect your privacy and get to blocked sites!
SSL Web Proxy

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